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COACH (COVID-19 Assistance for Community Health) Is Here to Help

Help is available to talk about ongoing effects of the pandemic. If you’re having a tough time, it’s okay; we all struggle sometimes. COACH (COVID-19 Assistance for Community Health) can help.

Support coaches are case managers who can help connect you to services, such as mental health and wellness resources, substance use treatment and recovery supports, housing and transportation assistance, and more. Coaches will coordinate care and assist you every step of the way; no problem is too small. 

This service is free and no insurance is needed.

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In an emergency, or if you need immediate medical attention, call 911. If you feel like you want to hurt yourself or another person, call 911. If you are looking for treatment, help is available. Call the Action Line  1-800-467-3135. For youth in crisis, contact Mobile Crisis Intervention Services.
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Resources for Older Adults

There are people and programs that can support you through this challenging time.

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Housing & Homeless Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic is making it difficult for many people to find or afford safe housing for themselves and their families, but there are laws in place to help protect you.

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Faith & Community-Based Support

This pandemic is a stressful and difficult period. For many people, faith and spirituality can offer meaning and comfort during these trying times.

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General Information on COVID-19

A list of key resources for vaccination, boosters, and news about COVID-19.

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How Can I Get Tested for COVID-19 in Connecticut?

Stay up to date on where you can get tested in Connecticut, types of tests, and what to do when you receive your results.

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Well-Being During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic, changes in work environments, and worry about our loved ones and community can be a source of stress.

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Media Library

Resources for well-being and more.

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Food Resources

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people in Connecticut are faced with food insecurity.

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Ways to Avoid Homelessness

The pandemic has made it difficult for many people to afford their homes.

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Staying Connected with the Senior Citizen You Miss

Staying safe at home has become increasingly important for the health of our older citizens, but this isolation may impact the well-being of older parents, grandparents, neighbors, and loved ones.

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Know the Hidden Signs of Stress

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when you are under stress, but other times we don’t notice the ways stress is affecting our feelings, bodies, and behavior.

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6 Ways to Help Kids Cope During the Pandemic

We’ve never been through anything like this before, and it’s tough. But there are ways to show your children they are safe and connected.